Alphabet… For Better Communication

The story of Alphabet has kicked off in January 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey, to provide various translation services for individuals and institutions with a diverse team of experienced translators and proofreaders.

Our Vision

Is to provide different translation services in accordance with Alphabet pillars: quality, accuracy, and speed.

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Our Mission

Since the language has been the first bridge to be built between people in order to communicate, so it was “Alphabet” and its slogan “For Better Communication”.

Our Goals

  1. Providing higher translation services quality
  2. Ensuring customer satisfaction
  3. Connecting easily from anywhere in the world
  4. Providing the best competing prices
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Why Alphabet

An alphabet is a standard of a set of letters that represent the phonemes of any spoken language it is used to write. The first fully phonemic script, the Proto-Canaanite script, later known as the Phoenician alphabet, is considered to be the first alphabet, and is the ancestor of the most modern alphabets, including Arabic, Greek, Latin, and possibly Brahmic.

However, just as language is the first bridge of communication between people, color also is a form of indirect and nonverbal communication. Confidence, integrity, success, and safety are the characteristics of the “blue color” that we have chosen for “Alphabet” logo.

What does “Translation” mean?

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. It is the process of translating words or text from one language into another, a written or spoken rendering of the meaning of a word or text in another language.